Youth Soccer Training for Johnson City, Kingsport, & Bristol

In the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee, we have one of the most dynamic local soccer clubs at Vitesse Soccer. We’re passionate about providing you soccer training for kids from Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, and all the surrounding areas!

This passion shows as soon as you step foot on the Vitesse campus – where it’s not just a place for playing soccer but for building a tight-knit community of young players and their families.

We know that youth soccer is a big time investment for you as parents so try our best to make sure that you’re getting a return!

We believe the soccer training at Vitesse matters, and fosters growth among young athletes in our community and we’d love to have you join the club!

Youth Soccer Training in Johnson City at Vitesse Soccer

What Is Soccer Training?

At its core, youth soccer training is more than learning to just kick the ball. It’s about developing skills, understanding the game, fostering teamwork, building character, and learning how to be competitive.

We believe in open and honest communication between the players – where they are encouraged to speak up, tell other players what they see, and work together to become a true team.

We want them to learn to think for themselves and not rely 100% on the coaches to tell them what to do. They will make mistakes and that’s okay! We will be there to help them learn from those mistakes and help them think about what decisions they should make the next time. It’s part of the growth process.

We want the players to develop the confidence to speak up and ask questions. If they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing we want them to have the confidence to ask!

Many of our players become friends outside of their time at Vitesse! We think that says a lot about their time they spend together and how important it is for their development.

Vitesse Soccer Players watching Atlanta United - Making Lasting Friendships

Soccer training, especially for young players, is important in shaping their approach to both the game of soccer and life. They’ll learn how to win and lose with grace and a good attitude.

At Vitesse Soccer Club, training sessions are designed to build on your child’s love for the game while instilling values like respect, commitment, and appreciation for teamwork.

Our coaches are dedicated to not only enhancing each player’s technical abilities but also ensuring they grow as individuals. In the end, we care about them as people just as much as we care about them becoming great soccer players.

What Do We Want the Kids to Learn?

Our goals go beyond teaching the basics of soccer. We want our young athletes to learn:

  • Discipline: The structured environment teaches kids the importance of discipline, both on and off the field.
  • Teamwork: Soccer is a team sport, and we emphasize the power of working together towards a common goal.
  • Sportsmanship: Winning is great, but we also teach our players about handling loss with grace and dignity.
  • Health and Fitness: Regular training promotes physical health and encourages kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How Do We Want the Kids to Grow?

Growth is measured not only by achievements on the soccer field but also by the development of personal character. At Vitesse Soccer Club, we prioritize:

  • Character Development: Grounding our players in truth, respect, and gratitude.
  • Skill Enhancement: Providing a progressive soccer program that meets each player at their stage of development and helps them go where they want to go. It’s okay if your child does not want to become a soccer star or play past high school. We want them to go and put in as much as they want to but we will encourage them to keep pushing and be the best they can be.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraging involvement in local events and creating a supportive network for families.

Is There Travel Involved?

Yes, and no. Vitesse Soccer Club is proud to offer both local and travel team opportunities.

Our club soccer travel teams offer the chance for players to challenge themselves against diverse competition in a tournament setting, while our local teams provide a chance to develop skills closer to home (with the opportunity for a few travel games if the teams decide they want to do that.)

Each family can choose the path that best fits their lifestyle and the developmental needs of their child.

Vitesse Soccer U10 Girls Champions in Chatanooga Tournament

Why Choose Vitesse Soccer Club?

Choosing Vitesse means choosing a soccer training experience that values character as much as athleticism.

Our core value is community and making sure that every child finds their place, is embraced for their strengths, and is supported in achieving their dreams.

We invest in the players but also in the families. At our soccer complex, we have a scenic loop run for fitness lovers in case you want to exercise while your child trains, a clubhouse and picnic tables for family gatherings, and games that your other kids can play while you wait.

We’ve made an environment that extends beyond soccer, and helps you feel like Vitesse is a home away from home.

The benefits of joining the Vitesse family include:

  • A Family-Oriented Environment: Our club is a place where siblings, parents, and grandparents feel welcomed and engaged.
  • Tailored Coaching: Programs are designed to meet players where they are, helping them grow in skill and confidence.
  • Community Values: Our focus on truth, respect, and gratitude creates a positive culture within our teams.

Join Us

Whether you’re in Johnson City, Kingsport, or Bristol or any of the surrounding areas of East Tennessee, and you’re looking for a supportive, engaging, and rewarding youth soccer experience for your child, look no further than Vitesse Soccer Club.

For more information on our programs and how to get involved, visit our programs page.

Join the Vitesse Soccer Club family today and watch your young athlete thrive both on and off the field.

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