Youth Travel Soccer Teams in Johnson City

Are you looking for a youth travel soccer team that will help your child play, learn, and seriously up their soccer game in Johnson City?

Then you’ve gotta check out Vitesse Soccer! Let me break down what makes this club stand out from your regular city soccer league.

Youth Travel Soccer Teams in Johnson City at Vitesse Soccer

Awesome Youth Travel Soccer Coaches Who Know Their Stuff

First off, the youth travel soccer coaches at Vitesse Soccer are the real deal. These coaches are certified pros who live and breathe soccer and are there to care for you kids. We choose an educational approach to soccer and we want things to be fun, impactful, and meaningful.

They’ve gone through all the training to get licensed, which means they’re packing some serious soccer know-how to share with your kids.

It’s All About Growing Great Players (And Great Kids Too!)

At Vitesse, it’s not just the kick-and-chase soccer that you might be used to seeing in a city rec league. Our coaches have a way of teaching that’s all about making each player better, step by step.

We’ve got drills and games that are more than just fun; they’re about building strong soccer skills , stronger communication skills, and being a team player.

Tryouts? Yep, They’re a Thing

Vitesse is a bit more serious than your average rec league. Kids try out to make the teams.

But don’t worry, we have development teams where they can learn and grow and soon be on the travel team!

It’s a great life lesson in giving it your all and they’ll have the ability to play with and against kids their age that will push them to learn and grow.

Plus, it’s super exciting when they make the cut and get to be part of a team where everyone is as soccer-crazy as they are!

Vitesse Soccer Wins VA United Tournament

Playing Against Strong Competition

Travel Teams at Vitesse don’t just play local rec teams; they go toe-to-toe with other travel clubs.

This means your young ones get to see different playing styles and test their skills.

More than likely they will lose a few games. That is okay! If we’re always winning then we’re not growing.

We want your kids to learn to be gracious when they lose and learn how to analyze the game, work on what went wrong, and play their best the next time they’re on the pitch.

Soccer All Year Round? Yes, Please!

If your child loves soccer, they’ll love this. Vitesse Soccer isn’t just a few months a year; it’s a full-on, year-long soccer journey where we all become like family.

They play in Fall and Spring, which means they’ll get plenty of playing time, learning, and growing. There’s also soccer camps in the summer and the opportunity to play indoor soccer in the winter to keep their skills fresh for the Spring season.

School Soccer + Club Soccer = Perfect Match

For the high schoolers, Vitesse has a way of making sure soccer and school don’t clash. We’ve set it up so kids can play with the club in one part of the year and rock it out with their school team in another. 

Vitesse Soccer in Johnson City is more than just a club – it’s like a soccer family. It’s perfect for kids who are super into the game and parents who want to see them flourish.

So, why not come by Vitesse, meet the coaches, and see what it’s all about? We can’t wait to welcome you to the Vitesse family!

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