Welcome to Vitesse Soccer Club in Johnson City!

The core value at Vitesse Soccer Club is COMMUNITY — A safe place for each individual to be challenged in exploring their interests and talents through the game of soccer.

Truly identifying and being embraced for his/hers strengths.

Our Values

•   Desiring to achieve dreams.

•   Respecting self and others.

•   Find enjoyment and meaning.

•   Demonstrate commitment and connection.



At Vitesse, we have 3 levels of play.   The Academy focuses on play and learning.  Games will be played in Kingsport.   At the Select levels, players will be exposed to competition.   Their games will be in Knoxville and Kingsport.    Select will not participate in tournaments, but, as often happen, could be invited with the Elite team to participate in a tournament.   At the Elite program, teams are committed in  participating in 3 tournaments.


All assessment dates and times are May 20, 21 and 23 from 5:30-7PM.

  • Players with birth years 2014 and 2015 will be trying out for the U11 teams.   Players with birth years 2016 and 2017 will be trying out for the U9 teams.  Assessments for these birth years are at Ridgeview School (252 Sam Jenkins Rd., Gray).
  • Players with birth years 2012 and 2013 will be at Living Springs Christian Academy (312 Delmer Salts Rd., Gray).
  • Players with birth years 2009, 2010 and 2011 will be at Vitesse (308 Delmer Salts Rd., Gray).

➤   The format of assessment is playing games.

➤   Please make any attempt to come to all three days as players tent to fluxuate in motivation and player performance. 

➤   If UNABLE to attend during assessment week, players may come the week May 13-16 and train with the team that is currently in Spring season.    Please TEXT Michael Louter at 423-737-7251 if this arrangement needs to be made.

➤   One FINAL option to be assessed AND depending on available slots on the team, is attending soccer camp the week of June 3-7 or June 10-14.   Please TEXT Michael Louter at 423-737-7251.

➤  Players will be contacted the weekend of FRI-SUN. May 24-26, 2024.

• • •

For support, TEXT Michael Louter at 423-737-7251


Upcoming Events at Vitesse


Soccer Decathlon

May 28 (TUE) - June 1 (SAT), 9AM - NOON

AGES 6-12,  $185 

Competitive activities include:   Soccer Golf, Soccer Tennis, Wall-ball, 1-v-1 Tournaments, World Cup, Living Stratego, Capture the ball, Slip-n-slide soccer and 5-v-5 Round-robin.


Invitational Camp

June 3 - 7

AGES 10 - 18, 

  • $185 (9AM - 11:30AM)
  • $275 (9AM -3PM)
  • $345 (9AM - 8PM)

For players who aspire to play at College.   Training is intense!


Bridget Frei - Current assistant coach at King University.

Halloway Wilsey - Current player at Copiah-Lincoln Community College located in Mississippi.

Michael Louter - Former professional player at AZ in Holland.   Founder of Vitesse Soccer.


Soccer Skills Camp

June 10 - 14, 9AM - NOON

AGES 11- 15, $185 

In a relaxed setting, we teach and expose players to soccer skills including dribbling, shooting, passing, controlling and throw-ins.   Players will include the last 30 minutes playing short-sided games.


Soccer Decathlon

June 17 - 21, 9AM - NOON

AGES 8-13,  $185 

Competitive activities include:   Soccer Golf, Soccer Tennis, Wall-ball, 1-v-1 tournament, World Cup, Living Stratego, Capture the Ball, Slip-n-slide soccer, and 5-v-5 Round-robin.


Dec. 1, 2024 - Feb. 15, 2025, AGES 7-18

Registration OPEN, $185

Ages 7-8: SUN, 2-2:50PM
Ages 9-10: SUN, 3:30-4:20PM
Ages 11-13: SUN, 5-5:50PM
HS: THU, 6:30-7:20PM 

This course is for beginners and intermediate level.   The absolute basics will be covered to establish an appreciation for soccer techniques or, with a committed attitude, a foundation for advancement to higher-level soccer.   Maximum capacity per group is 12 players with a player-coach ratio of 6:1.   The purpose of the course is three-fold:   One, to inspire players;  Two, to teach the build-up of each technique; and Three, how to train yourself for acquiring these skills.

About Vitesse Soccer Club

 At Vitesse, we pride ourselves on being a mission-driven youth soccer club. With an educated approach, we want to be fun, impactful and meaningful. We help competitive soccer players to reach the next level through developing the team.

The coaching style is tailored first to players being grounded in their character “truth, respect, and gratitude,” before they can become increasingly aware of the details of performance.

We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented soccer club. That means we strive to have a place for everyone along their soccer journey. We built a progressive program, tailored to meet our players & their families where they are in life & development. There is a loop to run, a clubhouse, picnic tables, and a playground at walking distance for siblings who are not playing soccer. 

Vitesse has been voted the best place to play soccer in Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol, Tennessee.

Our hearts and soul are about feeling respected and feeling supported. We want to be continuous in dialogue to perfect these standards. This includes maintaining integrity and uplifting each other and training with commitment.

During the Fall & Spring season, we offer team play. During the Winter & Summer we offer camps that are fun, yet driven.

The method of training is player-centric, as applicable to team performance.  Our role as coaches is to make each player feel valued for their strengths while also systematically challenging them in their development. We will go at a tempo that honors the experience of each player.

The Vitesse Soccer Club program is unique. We emphasize weekly small-sided competitive games for training. Giving the players autonomy & freedom to further develop their leadership skills, encouraging them to be creative, decisive, and play with maximum expression. Among soccer players, it is reported that small-sided games are their FAVORITE activity (as long it is competitive, supportive, and respectful). 

We are registered through ​US Club Soccer allowing players to dual-roster when they are members with TYSA (Tennessee Youth Soccer Association) at another club. We believe players develop the best when exposed to different perspectives.

Club Programs at Vitesse Soccer

Jong Academy

In a structured - unstructured playing environment, players are getting introduced to the rules and ethics of soccer.   We see engagement as the success of having fun.  Ages 5-9.

Learn About Jong Academy


Our Academy players are seeking for enjoyment and team structure.   The focus is on playing and gaining awareness.   The skills development is proportional to the speed and pressure.   The Academy approach receives a very encouraging coaching style.  Ages 9-15.

Learn About Academy

Elite Team

Elite players have been recognized for an outstanding talent, skill, fitness, drive and / or mentality. These teams typically do some travel soccer.

Vroeg Elite  - Ages 8 - 10.

Elite Teams  -  Ages 11 - 14.

Learn About Elite Team

Other Programs

High School

Winter Session

Summer Session

Club Events

Learn About Other Programs

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 Vitesse believes that we have the ability to make a great difference in our community. We are dedicated to building great individuals first, through the game of soccer. 

With your help we can continue to do great things. Be a part of the difference!