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About Vitesse Soccer - Michael Louter - Soccer Club Owner Tri-Cities Tennessee

Michael Louter – Founder of Vitesse

Michael J Louter is originally from The Netherlands, Holland. He was a youth player of Vitesse ’22 in Castricum, Holland from age 8 to when he entered the Dutch professional program as a senior player. He earned his master’s degrees, with an emphasis in Sports Psychology.  Accredited through ICF, Michael does one-on-one sessions with players to gain awareness and develop mental strategies to reach goals with a playful mindset.   Two players from the MLS league are currently doing their blocked sessions of ICF coaching with Michael.

Michael founded Vitesse Soccer in 2006 so he could offer similar opportunities for his children, and other families, the gift that he had growing up with Vitesse ’22.

​The core value at Vitesse is COMMUNITY — A safe place for each individual to be challenged, to identify and be embraced for his/hers strengths.


“If there is one thing we need to learn through competition, it is RESPECT.   Respect is a very encompassing word that includes, but not limited to, accepting, compassionate, consideration, honesty, gratitude and accountability.   There are many negative associations to respect, but that is not respect.   The stress of competition shows the path for growth.  Each session we open and close reflecting on respect so we find fulfilment knowing our presence and effort had meaning in one or another way.   We have to, HAVE TO, learn how respect works for us, because right now, it is working against us diminishing everything you are laboring for. RESPECT is the fruit, when cared for, in time, gives you the abundance you are seeking for.”



Our principles are intentionally posted around our facility.

Vitesse Soccer believes that the premise of development for players is the pursuit of ​team competitiveness and the accountability to personal ​decision-making​ (guided by the playing principles).

In everything else, we grow from the inside-out through personal reflection and team interaction.

We are genuinely development-focused, not results driven.

Why Join Vitesse Soccer Club?

Our Values
•   Desiring to achieve dreams.
•   Respecting self and others.
•   Find enjoyment and meaning.
•   Demonstrate commitment and connection.

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Operable playing principles

At Vitesse, each principle is systematically integrated till it becomes natural to the players’ behavior.  Players are encouraged to learn at their own tempo.  Each training starts or is concluded in reflection and discussion in order to reinforce a deeper understanding, gain appreciation and recognize successes.

About Vitesse Soccer Leadership style

The leadership style of Vitesse utilizes concepts of “life coaching” as we facilitate in the decision process through posing questions, opening awareness and mentoring.

Ultimately, the decisions are made by the players.

Decision-making based on principles is the premise of development

Sessions are structured to be fun and competitive for players to problem-solve throughout all practices and games.

We emphasize positioning in the field and communication to elevate team morale, confidence, and commitment.

When the sessions are competitive, players will develop their technique, gain awareness and learn to strategize.

Guiding Success For Players

Developing soccer players is so complex, it is mind-boggling. People who tried to work through it, more than anything, gain a deeper understanding of the values of empathy, kindness, humility, and discipline.

At Vitesse, our parents create success. They make players feel valued; treat referees with respect; generate excitement; and establish closure with the coach after the end of each tournament. Closure is important so the coach feels supported. At Vitesse, we think deeper:

(1) Say what you have to say, don’t leave it unsaid (it is okay to be frustrated, but not to be negative)

➤ Communication liberates the coach not just to do his job but to give of himself.

2) Empower players to problem solve.

➤ Avoid blaming. Blaming only reveals poor character.

(3) Praise players for attributes that makes a great person such as service, courage and being respectful.

➤ Avoid treating ‘talent’ as ‘queen bee.’ Players who are glorified have a hard time to adjust ‘life.’

(4) Enjoy soccer for soccer! Watch with an open mind.

➤ We create a barrier when we see soccer through the lens of American Football, thus, unintentionally, creating the American Football version of soccer.

➤ When we intellectualize without having a developed eye to understand. We often think, ‘What you see, that is all there is to it.’ We mistakenly take 10 degrees for 360 degrees awareness.

➤ When we create emotional dependency. Focus on principle-based-decisions.

➤Feelings coming from the ego and insecurity distorts how we see and evaluate performance. Be intentional to empty the mind of preconceived notions, assumptions, limitations and judgments.

The objective of Vitesse is first learning to compete, second, play the principles of play.

Serving The Tri-Cities Soccer Community Since 2006

Since 1998, Michael has assisted 23 players onto the Youth National Team, won 4 National Titles, & co-authored 7 books.

In 2006, Becky & Michael turned their dreams into reality & founded Vitesse in Gray, TN. Our club is a single entity ownership with no third-party ties and operated with Christian values. 

The Strength of Vitesse is guiding players & their families with a “step-by-step” approach that teaches them how to be leaders in the community while loving the game of soccer.

The ministry of Vitesse extends to helping “Families Kick Cancer,” by donating books in our community, along with partnering with Arbor Day Foundation in planting trees. Are these still the community service focus?

Cory Laventer (Player 2013 -15)

“Ever since I first attended this camp, every year it has been at the top of my list.  It is different to any camp I have been to.  Not only is the training to quality, but the social part has allowed me to meet and get closer to many friends.”  

Taylor Hatmaker (Player 2011)

“After I attended soccer camp at Vitesse and experienced a trip to Holland to gain playing and cultural perspective, I went to Milligan to play in their Collegiate program.  That’s been five years now and the impact has been profound in a way I received roots and wings due to the learnt values and confidence I specifically gained through participation at Vitesse.”

Evan Harr (Player 2012 - 2015)

“As you already know, I signed for Carson-Newman today (Feb. 5, 2016). I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for me. You were the coach that taught me intensity, leadership, and how to read the game. I believe you have taught me even more than other coaches I have known since I was a child. With our trip to the Netherlands and training sessions together, you have truly shaped me to be the person I am today. I feel lucky and very thankful that I got the opportunity to have you as my coach. Thanks for all you’ve done for me.”

Matt Laventer (Coach)

“I have send players to numerous camps, but the favorite among them is Michael Louter’s Vitesse Camp.  It is a unique environment that combines excellent coaching with a fun, unique outdoor environment that facilitates team bonding.   The players love it and there’s no other high level soccer camp like it.” 

Vitesse soccer sign at the soccer complex in Gray TN
Soccer tennis at Vitesse Soccer - soccer in Johnson City TN
Vitesse Soccer wins CESA Tournament in Greenville, NC
Vitesse Soccer Chant at the end of practice
Girls sit on sideline as coach explains soccer technique

Club Programs at Vitesse Soccer

Jong Academy

In a structured - unstructured playing environment, players are getting introduced to the rules and ethics of soccer.   We see engagement as the success of having fun.  Ages 5-9.

Learn About Jong Academy


Our Academy players are seeking for enjoyment and team structure.   The focus is on playing and gaining awareness.   The skills development is proportional to the speed and pressure.   The Academy approach receives a very encouraging coaching style.  Ages 9-15.

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Elite Team

Elite players have been recognized for an outstanding talent, skill, fitness, drive and / or mentality. These teams typically do some travel soccer.

Vroeg Elite  - Ages 8 - 10.

Elite Teams  -  Ages 11 - 14.

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Other Programs

High School

Winter Session

Summer Session

Club Events

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 Vitesse believes that we have the ability to make a great difference in our community. We are dedicated to building great individuals first, through the game of soccer. 

With your help we can continue to do great things. Be a part of the difference!